US publication day


It’s official: The World Between Two Covers is published in the US. Huzzah!

To celebrate the occasion, Steve and I returned to Coney Island’s Steeplechase Pier in New York this morning to restage the photo at the top of this blog. That original snap was taken in January 2012, a few days after I’d embarked on my quest to read a book from every country in a year.


Today, the weather is rather nicer, the boardwalk has been refurbished and my hair is longer. Oh, and the books I’m reading have changed too…

IMG_9193Photos by Steve Lennon

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  1. Really enjoying your book (UK edition) — haven’t finished it yet — and I’m sure your North American readers will too. I hope your US publisher has sorted out the word-processing bug which has scrambled the Hebrew and Arabic titles of the books in your list. The Israeli book’s title is back to front: the equivalent of saying “Ssenkrad fo Smoolb”. The Arabic ones, so far as I can tell, are not only reversed but also the isolated forms of the letters have been used, rather than the forms they are supposed to take at the beginning or middle of a word.

    • Thanks very much. So glad you’re enjoying the book. I know – it’s such a shame about the Hebrew and Arabic titles. This is being changed for subsequent editions (although sadly was not picked up in time for the US first edition). In many ways, it’s a neat illustration of some of the challenges and biases that attend the circulation of texts across linguistic borders – the fact that the default settings of much publishing software can only deal with texts that read left to right!

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