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A rather lovely email arrived in this morning. The message was from Rafidah, the generous stranger who, four days after I first asked the planet’s booklovers to help me read the world, left a message offering to go to her local English-language bookshop in Kuala Lumpur and choose and post me my Malaysian book.

Rafidah’s kindness was a great inspiration for me at the start of this project and so, when Reading the World: Confessions of a Literary Explorer was published earlier this month, I emailed her to ask if I could send her a copy in return for the books she once sent me.

The photograph above shows my book and the card I enclosed in Rafidah’s apartment, where my parcel has just arrived. More than three years after her act of generosity kickstarted my quest, the book that it led to has found its way to her. I’m so pleased.

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  1. What a perfect circle of friendship, Ann! Rafidah’s gift of kindness and generosity was returned in the most special way possible. Congratulations on your wonderful adventure, reading the world! It’s truly an amazing thing you have accomplished! I can’t even imagine all of the ways you have grown over the past three years. Wishing you continued success! ♡

  2. Congratulations Ann! What a lovely message to receive and how lovely for you to send the book and complete the circle – she was so kind to do what she did and I remember you talking about this lady in particular when we did that interview for the booktrail. I’m so happy that you two are in touch in this way. Maybe one day you will meet!

  3. I’m thrilled: my copy of THE BOOK finally arrived today (thanks, FedX) – pounced on it & started reading immediately – up to page 9 – loving it!

  4. I’ve just read about you and your amazing initiative in a Hungarian article. You’ve started something new and it is a great source of inspiration to many. As bloggers, it’s our responsibility to try to create something and make little changes in the world we live in. Keep up the good work and your open minded attitude!

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