Here are some of my upcoming speaking events and engagements. It would be great to see you there.

  • Wednesday 16 November, Speaking at City University alongside Susan Barker, Denise Saul and Irenosen Okojie, London, 6.30pm
  • Monday 5 December, Speaking at the Knowledge Summit 2016, Dubai, 2.30pm
  • Tuesday 13 December, Appearing at Books Show Off, Waterstones Tottenham Court Road, London, 6.30pm

51 responses

  1. Good luck to you. I am a Chinese college student and major in English. Your blog is really inspiring and you set a very good example for me to learning English well, thanks a lot.

  2. Hi Ann, I saw your talk on TED. You’re a cute speaker. I’m going to Jamaica and has looked for books on your list from that country, and have found two at the library. So i will read them in prep for my trip. What a great project. Thanks for making the list public and inspiring more reading.

  3. I am a seventh grade student assigned to do a review of any TED talk I chose, and yours was really interesting. As I myself adore reading, your speech stood out to me. Thank you for inspiring so many people to read.

  4. Hi Ann! I’m a senior in high school from New York and I absolutely loved your TED talk. I was wondering how you’d recommend going about finding the translations for many of the books you read. I plan to make 2015 a year to read the world! 😀

    • Thanks Tabara. That’s great. You can find how I got hold of the books I read in the posts I wrote about each book (just click the country names in the list https://ayearofreadingtheworld.com/thelist/). While a lot are available through commercial channels, some involve quite a lot of detective work – contacting libraries, writers and cultural associations and translators. And the world has moved on quite a bit since my project – there are lots of wonderful new translations available, so no doubt you will be able to find some fabulous things that weren’t available when I was reading the world. Good luck!

  5. Hey ann! I watched you speech in ted and found it was really inspiring for me! I am from Thailand, nice to meet you :)). I would love to write a book oneday and i hope you would read it.

  6. Hello Ann, I live in South Korea. I’m so honor to meet you here:) At TED, Your story was so impressive and touching. It gave me something to change my reading behaviors. After watching the TED, I decided to join with your project. I will help you as possible as I can. I hope that you’ll be always happy and healthy!

  7. Hi, I am a chinese college student in Dongguan, GuangDong province. And to set a comment is my homeword from my writting English class. But now, I maybe know why my teacher requried us to do it, It pretty good for us to learn English. Thank you! Best wishes to you!

  8. Hello! My name is Wei Maolong and I from China.I learned some infomation about you from my teather. I want to say something but I can not .Because my English is very bad. So I can not express clearly in English.So I have only a word , “Best wishes to you !”

  9. Hi,I’m your fan.I had seen your speech .I really love your idea and i exactly agree what u said.It’s a nice way to carry more people enjoy reading and it can help more people learn how to really read a nook.

  10. Hello Ann,my name is Yu Hongji,yeah,i’m a chinese boy too.My English showed the reading idea about u and i think what u said is meaningful.The activity can attract more people to read,and “reading the world” can help us to enjoy reading! Thanks for making the list public and inspiring more reading! 😄

  11. Hello,Ann.My name is Zhang Yujia.I am a Chinese.I watched your speech in TED few days ago,your idea actually influenced me.Indeed,reading is an effective way to know this world,but we need other’s help to acquire these valuable knowledge from books.And what you are doing is a solution to this problem,which worth praise.I sincerely wish you will achieve your goal.And I believe reading will be one part of everyone’s life one day.

  12. Hello, I am a student from China, I watch your speech video I feel very good.I want to consult the speech skills.

  13. Hi ,Anna,my name is Chen Jianfeng.I’m also a Chinese boy.I whatched your video about reading.What you said isinteresting and meaningful,which makes me to read more book.Thanks for your video making in pubilc and it is a inspiring speech.GOOD LUCK !

  14. I saw you on TED, the action of you may inspire a lot people to follow you, the good luck to you.Never say never.

  15. Hello,i am a university student from china,after watchng our lecture ,i want to know how can you persist doing the thing.

  16. Hello, I would love to read your books and even would love to translate into Mongolian, how can I buy your book? Because we don’t have it in our book store. By the way I studied English and love English literature, and your blog has impressed me, I would be grateful if you contact me, thanks,

  17. hi .my name is rain i can’t speak english very will but i hope to say this day i watch you when i talked in ted about reading this amazing idea this summer i didn’t have plan about reading and i jest read a little writer but after your idea i am very happy case i follow your way and i am thinking to open blogger case when i search about news for book and library i dent have can i connect with you i need to relationship with reader book and i getting a Suggestion spice of advice about book and blogs .

  18. hi there just bought your book ‘Beside myself’ cant wait to read it. sounds like gripping stuff. just couldn’t help noticing that the picture on cover depicts what would be known as ‘Mirror Image twins’ meaning one twin is the perfect reflection of the other. meaning one child hair/parting will fall to the left and the other to their right as on the cover of your book. similarly one would be left handed and the other right handed there would also be a bunch of other identifiable features such as twin ones mouth/eye turning down slightly on the left and twin two’s right feature would be the effected one. they can even mirror each others internal organs causing one twins heart to be in the right side of the chest. I’v e done a lot of research on twins as it interests me greatly. what im saying is the girls in your book fool a lot of people that are close to them however the girls on the cover would fool no one that knows them.

    • Thanks Rebecca. Yes, I had a similar thought myself when I saw the design. However, artistic licence is a wonderful thing (and it’s possible that it is an atual mirror image rather than the two girls next to each other…). I hope you enjoy the book.

  19. you are the inspiration! Salute !

    any tips to be blog writer. I had thoughts in my mind but find hard to pen down them.

    – Charan

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