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  1. Brilliant! Thank you for your ideas, I have shared while working in he Philippines training teachers with numerous workshops about literature and teaching literary criticism and developmental reading. I feel American educators need to take part in this literary exploration and would love to help your idea expand over here in California. This is how we can “Make America great again!” Brilliant idea, now if educators could adopt this as a standard, would love to push for international literature. PS Philippines- Noli Me Tangere – Jose Rizal , must add to the list. Keep on reading and sharing the joy!

  2. Sharing translated books is a marvelous way to connect people around the world! Please add me to your list of possible recipients. I’m curious about places I’ve not been yet, and want to also learn more about places I’ve only visited briefly. Nonfiction books, especially about Singapore and other places in Asia appeal to me, but I could learn about so many places.

  3. Dear Ann,
    What a great idea! Sharing books to the booklovers around the world.
    I am a woman who live in a small town.I read everything even a little piece of paper that I get from traditional market 🙂
    Books are expensive thing for me since no librabry in my town.
    Reading many blogs is the way for me to open my mind and see the world trough my imagination.

  4. e come across you’re lecture in TEDx while I was searching lectures about reading in TEDx. I really loved the way you managed to read the world. I loved the idea in such way that I decided to read the world’s literature just you did!. I have read 15 books from 15 different countries so far. thank you for opening my mind.

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